Are there any girls out there who have been through the same?

11-02-2014                                23:01


I can't sleep, things are keeping me awake.
I get confused
 sometimes, things are happening in my life and I can't find a reason for that.
So I'm gonna tell my own story about a boy, I really want to know if there are any girls out there who have been through the same like I did.

So, I met a guy. I was kind off interested in him. He was one of the bad guys, of course.. But admit it, every good girl likes bad guys more than the good ones.
Because yeah, we all do. We can't deny it.
We talked for months, without having a relationship. He was often aloof and kept cool.
But sometimes, he was so sweet. Like I was finally worth it, and he was the right guy. Afterwards, it was all a lie.
Then we got in a relationship, in the beginning it was all fun.
Taking care of someone you love is probably the best feeling in the world.
A few months later, that's where it all started. He forced me to have sex with him. But I always turned him down.
He did horrible things to me, he lied to me and cheated on me, repeatedly. But still forcing me to have sex with him, he'd hit me if I said no again. I was full of bruises, but the thing that cracked the most was my heart. I felt like I was nothing, like I had no rights.
Everything he said and wanted, just happend, and I had nothing to say about that.

love makes us blind. It feels right when it's wrong.

I didn't trust boys for a very long time, like the most girls who have been through the same shit.
You need to stop hiding, because you don't deserve this, you deserve better.
Show them that you are worth it, show them what the problem is. Don't keep it a secret.

Because I lived for months in fear.
And you know what?
We are girls, you don't deserve to live the same way like I did and we have the right to say no.
Boys need us, we don't need boys. We don't have to live in fear, because we are strong.

Never stop believing in finding the one who's really worth your time, laughter, tears and love.
Because there is someone for every broken hearted girl who is worth it..
Even though I'm a difficult person, and have trust issues. I found the one, the one I truly love. Now it's your turn.

So girls, if you recognize this. Tell me your story in a reaction, anonymous, if you want to.

My mother and me

So I don't even know where to start right now, this is my first time writing a blog.

My life really is a mess, let's begin with were it all started. My mom, well.. She is a great mother, the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Nothing is better than her love, and I have so much respect for this woman, she really goes through hell right now. So, years ago. I sat in class and my teacher wanted to speak with me, I didn't knew what was going on and started worrying. He told me that my mother was in the hospital, that it'd be better to go home, so I went home. But the only person there was me, my father was gone. My mother was gone, and I started crying, a few minutes later a strange woman came in, she told me she was a friend of my mom, and she had been taking care for her all the time, I didn't even knew. She took me with her, on our way to the hospital. I found my mother, she was in a coma. I sat next to her bed, I cried all day. Why her? So I put my favorite bear beside her, and whispered 'this will protect you, I hope you wake up soon, I love you'. Then, a few weeks later, she finally woke up. She smiled because she heard my words and saw my bear. She has an incurable muscle diseas. Now, few years later. She can finally remember what happend in the hospital, she still remembers my words and my bear. She's such a strong woman, we were happy.. My parents divorced, they both go on with their lifes, there was a time after that where my mom was very healthy, but then she had to go to the hospital. They discovered that she had a virus. That could probably kill her every moment. I love her to death, we fight quite a lot. But that doesn't make me not love my mom. She was there, always. She helped me with my first steps, So I'll help her with her last.. She's the most important woman in my life.